Crew Managemet in Samtech Marine Services

  1. Selection
  2. Training
  3. Certification
  4. Evaluation & assessment report
  5. Administration
  6. Drug and Alcohol policy

Samtech Marine Services puts utmost emphasis on the quality and efficiency of the each crew put on board.


  1. Samtech Marine Services follows a consistent policy of recruiting the most eligible candidates through a system formulated with many years of experience of our team working in the field.
  2. Our selection procedures strictly adhere to the STCW95 conventions & ISM codes.
  3. All crew are Indian nationals & speak English. The company strictly follows the Merit & experience policy on board to avoid any consequent breach of safety rule on board.
  4. With a high level of education & extensive training both ashore and on-board, Indian, Indonesian ,Burmis,Srilankan, Bangladesh & Philipino crew & officers have made a place for
    themselves as one of the best marine hands in the international shipping market. Samtech Marine Services majorly provides Indian crew, but All mixed crew are available for our client from our
    Singapore office.
  5. Medical Examinations and fitness certificates before joining for each crew
  6. Implementation and follow up of alcohol and drugs policies regularly.
  7. Verification of all documents of crew with proper qualification & certification of crew.

The above services cover the range of services including:

  1. Payroll
  2. Insurance
  3. Welfare
  4. Medical
  5. Travel
  6. Competence Management

Samtech Marine Services complete crew management includes:

  1. Recruitment, signing on and off, repatriation of crew
  2. Payment of wages and leave with overtime, service bonuses etc and payment of crew portage bill scrutiny and payment to meet owners requirements
  3. Medical examinations and fitness certificates
  4. Crew COE/CDC applications as per flag state license.
  5. Implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies
  6. Crew insurance as well as handling of respective claims
  7. Proper qualification and certification of crew
  8. Supply of working gear for crew
  9. Training & upgrading of crew
  10. Visits to MOU by Uniseas Marine Services officers to supervise the crewing arrangements if necessary
  11. Travel expenses
  12. Provision supply and victual ling on board vessel
  13. Crew entertainment including videos, magazines, publications from home country of crew
  14. Any union or government expenses that may be related in connection with recruitment
  15. Crew welfare and family liaison

In order to satisfactorily meet the growing crewing needs of our customers, Samtech Marine Services has built up alliances
with partner agencies in the following countries:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Vietnam
  3. Philippines
  4. Myanmar
  5. Russia
  6. Romania
  7. Sri lanka
  8. Bangladesh

Crew Management for all type of cargo vessels like bulk carrier, oil and chemical tankers, Ro-Ro vessels, car carrier and offshore vessels.
Provides all hospitality and operational crew for passenger vessels, cruise liners in a bulk with quality people.

Samtech Marine Services : The Manpower Solution For Shipping Industry

There is a growing talent pool of hotel staff in India due to the strong presence of premium hotel chains in Metropolitans and tourist resorts, coupled with world-class hotel management and hospitality training institutes. The advantage here lies in being able to pick the best selection from a large resource base available across the country. And Cruise Line Operators have begun to realize the potential in India for hotel staff

Provides all crew for the offshore Industry, all type of Offshore vessels like tug.barges, AHTS / DP vessels. rigs, platforms, shipyard, repairs etc.